Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Useful Tinkerin'

Before heading home for the holidays, I was inspired by this link. I knew my mom had old sets of Tinkertoys around the house, so we we dug them out and created this:

It was a little late at night, hence the dark picture. This yarn swift came together in about 2 minutes, and didn't cost $80! It does slide around quite a bit, but it got the job done. When boyfriend saw it sitting out later he impressed me by saying "hey, it's one of those yarn things!" Without yarn sitting on it, I was surprised he knew exactly what it was.

After a one week knitting hiatus due to traveling, starting the new job, etc., I was finally able to start back up on the February lady sweater again tonight (knit in the yarn shown above). My wrist probably appreciated the week long break!


Anonymous said...

Love it! Did you have to deconstruct it to bring it back to LA or did you leave it with your mom? Can't wait to see your sweater tonight!

Ellen Bloom said...

Very clever!!! I've never seen a yarn winder built from Tinker Toys! I have seen winders built from coat hangers, but yours is way more colorful.

See you at WeHo SnB!

woolanthropy said...

That's genius!

way to use the tinkerkertoys!

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