Friday, November 20, 2009


I've had a bit of knitting"start-itis" lately, and have been casting on all sorts of small projects. This week I knit up a flower headband. Ellen and I were on the same page this week, as she created one too! Her's is based off one her co-worker saw in a salon being sold for $85...shesh! I made mine from a free pattern on Ravelry, based on one at Anthropologie. Anthropologie's version is here. They also have a cute one with a bow, which might be fun to try.

I also finished my mittens, and attached the poms:

Looks like I'm all set to head to colder weather next week.

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Mitten

A finished mitten:

There is only one, but the second one shouldn't be too far behind. This was my first dabble in colorwork. It started off a little rough, but after a few rows (or 10) of the pattern, I got into a grove, and I suspect the second mitten will be much easier.

These are the Herringbone Mittens with Pom (Ravelry Link).

I have Christmas crafting on the hands will be busy this weekend!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Eva Restaurant

Tonight Boyfriend and I skipped our usual Sunday take-out night, and walked two blocks to a new addition in our neighborhood: Eva Restaurant. We have wanted to try it for awhile, and I recently found out that they do a Sunday night family-style, Prix Fixe, five-course (wine included) meal. The menu changes each Sunday, but you can check their website in advance to see if it's what you want.

Tonight, we had:
Salad of little gem lettuce, green goddess dressing
Fried chicken
Warm potato salad, capers, vinegar, parsley, shallots
Red wine braised brisket
Creamed spinach
Bread pudding

* Red wine braised brisket and creamed spinach (iphone photo in dim lighting - sorry!)

This was such a nice way to finish off the weekend. The cozy, intimate setting at Eva was matched with such a wholesome, home-cookin' kind of feel. I would love to try their regular menu, but also might not be able to pass up trying another Sunday night there.

* Bread Pudding *

Christmas is right around the corner, and I couldn't help but try out one of these little elves. This pattern covers a wine cork. An early Christmas decoration in about 15 minutes!

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