Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cozy Knitting

I've never really seen much point in putting any sort of knitted cozy on anything until lately - probably because my knitting obsession just keeps increasing and I just want to knit anything and everything. Anywoo, I saw a cozy for a French Press and got sucked in. I followed this pattern, the 'oo-la-la French Press Cozy,' but decided I didn't want to knit up the little top to make it still pourable with the cozy on. Instead of sewing the seams I made four chain stitched thingies to tie. I used exactly one skein of Sugar'n Cream Yarn Stripes. Let me tell you - Boyfriend has been rolling his eyes non-stop through the knitting of this one. Sometimes a little bit of ridiculous-ness is just what's needed to get through a difficult week (that, and knowing that Anne of Green Gables has been recorded tonight and is on the DVR!).

We watched the movie Man on Wire tonight. I am always a sucker for documentaries, and this one was pretty great. It's about Philippe Petit, who walked across the World Trade Center's twin towers on a tightrope. While its totally crazy, he really drags you in and tells his story in a colorful, exhilarating way. He reminded me of an animated character straight out of a Pixar movie or something, and I think I would like him to tell me a bed time story every night.

Now I see a teapot that looks a little un-cozied...


Ellen Bloom said...

Hahahaha! The French Press cozy looks great! Hey! It's cold right now...everything needs a sweater. Keep on cozyin'

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