Thursday, December 4, 2008

Finding Christmas

Being back in Wisconsin for Thanksgiving was fantastic, and just what the doctor ordered. It was the first time back since the move to LA, and I really needed to be around friends and family for a few days to get my spirits back up, and to eliminate some homesickness. Seeing snow, enjoying the cold weather, getting into the Christmas spirit AND receiving a job offer didn't hurt either! When Sunday rolled around I was actually ready to get back to the LA apartment.

I know Christmas is coming, but with the sun and warmer temps every day its hard to believe that its just three weeks away! Putting up the Christmas decorations has helped, and of course seeing all of the store displays and the jolly Christmas cheer across the street at the Grove! I have heard that they make it 'snow' every night in December from 7-8 pm. I must check this out.

Knitting is still all presents, presents, presents, so I am not putting up pictures yet. I have one more solid week of nothing to finish up everything before my first day of work (unless they push it back until Jan. 5th). I'm also going to try to create my holiday cards this year, Martha Stewart Holiday issue inspired. Time to get to work!


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