Saturday, November 22, 2008

His and Hers

Thursday night boyfriend and I went to see The Sounds at The Palladium on Sunset.  We were digging the venue, and The Sounds put on a great performance.  I have had dreams of being a rockin' lead singer every since.  Check them out here

I am continuing to search for a job, and as the process continues to ddrraagg on, I am at least able to continue my projects for Christmas.   No pictures; can't spoil the surprise!  

Last night boyfriend wasn't feeling the greatest so we stayed in. Boyfriend's new Call of Duty: War of Worlds game came in, something I will never understand, but that he was thrilled to pieces about.  Luckily, we happen to have his and hers televisions, as our apartment already came with one, and we both had one.  As our apartment is small, two of those tvs happen to be side by side.   He played his game on one tv, I happily watched Friends and Golden Girls reruns on the other.  I thought the number of tvs was extreme, but I suppose I wasn't really thinking about "Call of Duty" situations.  

Only three more days until the cold Wisconsin weather!  


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