Thursday, October 15, 2009

Too Ambitious For a Wednesday

In college there was a great place open late that made delicious Pelmeni – Russian dumplings. They were served up with a soda and a side of sour cream for five bucks, which was a great bargain for us poor college students. The place is now closed, but always remembered fondly. Boyfriend and I often crave Pel’meni, and recently one of my friends attempted making them at home by researching recipes on the internet. He shared how he made them, and last night I decided to attempt them as well.

All in all they turned out ok, although this was way too ambitious for a Wednesday night – probably a much better weekend project, with the help of extra hands. I immediately knew I was going to struggle with the dough I made, and set back out to the store to pick up some potsticker wrappers. Of course this took away a bit of the authenticity of texture and taste, but it made my life a lot easier. I made both potato and meat filled dumplings. Once I had all my potsticker wrappers complete, I went back to trying to work with my dough. I was able to complete a decent sized batch with the real dough, which helped give the right flavor the dish needed.


Topped with white vinegar, cilantro, hot sauce, curry powder, and a side of sour cream, this dish did end up hitting the spot and filled the craving for now. With one experience attempting this under my belt, I think it might be easier the next time – but I think I’ll wait a long while before trying this again!


Ellen Bloom said...

Yummmm...sounds delicious! I come from a Russian and Polish background. My Great Aunt Luba used to make pierogi.

Here's a link to an easy recipe. I'd like to know how this compares to your pelmini recipe!

woolanthropy said...

I have never had Eastern European dumplings. They look and sound delicious.

Speaking of dumplings, last night we saw an episode of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and they were at a Polish restaurant called Polka. It's in Glendale and her pierogis looked amazing as well as the goulash. Maybe next time the craving strikes on a Wednesday you could give them a try.

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