Monday, October 5, 2009

My Own Autumn

I don’t think it’s a secret that I LOVE fall, and that the weather in Los Angeles this time of year just does not provide anything close to the crisp, cool fall air that I love.

This weekend, my mom sent me my own little piece of fall.

This bright red leaves were a pleasant surprise to bring an autumnal feel amongst the palm trees and hot temps. It even SMELLED like Fall. As the temperature dropped a bit yesterday and today, I think there must have been some cooler weather packed into the envelope as well…thanks Mom!


Ellen Bloom said...

Hey Sarah! We get our own version of fall in L.A. It's called Winter. It lasts for about a month! LOL

woolanthropy said...

Your mom is so sweet.

We have fall, but it's warm and dry and windy. I remember many a Halloween night running around the blustery streets of the Valley. I grew up with sugar gum trees in my yard. It looks like a maple, changes colors like a maple, but has deadly spiky balls. Yes, I have raked many an autumn pile of leaves back in the day. We really do have a Fall but you have to look a little closer to see it. Oh and the only crisp things are your dry skin and static electricity.

Tell your mom...thanks for the cooler temperatures.

Kelli B said...

Oh you have the fall cravings too. This is my 3rd "fall" here and I am still missing all the Midwest has to offer. HINT: making chili & soup, wearing sweaters even if its only at night, carving pumpkins, and drinking cider all help make it feel a little more like fall.

Anonymous said...

I am feeling your pain! I missed the fall so much when we lived in Texas...glad to be back on the east coast with all the wonderful fall colors to come. Hasn't gotten there yet, but it is coming!

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