Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Eats

Warmer temps are calling for some yummy summer eats! I tried my hand at Martha's Blender Gazpacho last night, accompanied with smoked turkey, avocado and cherry tomato chutney paninis.

I'll be visiting this gazpacho recipe quite a few times this summer. Yum!

(also, I realize that my parents are probably having a chuckle over this, as once upon a time, I would only eat mac-n-cheese, and the idea of cold tomato soup or a chutney is probably something I would have stayed far away from. Luckily I have gotten over most of my picky ways....I'll still pass on the broccoli though!)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Trip Home

I had such a nice trip home in Wisconsin. I got to take in all the irises in my parent’s new (ish) yard…

We scooted on down to Madison, to see Mister Miles, who will make a great dinosaur someday I think (if he decides he can keep this on his head long enough to get it buttoned!):

And went to the bridal shower for my lovely friend Gretchen – who is now the owner of the afghan I made back in the winter, when I could stand to have that much wool on my lap.

Seeing my family and catching up with friends was much needed. The weekend flew by, but I had a great time. There’s a lot of friend visits/more trips to look forward to this summer!

(and really, where else will you find a bar table that is a cribbage board?? I won, by the way. :))

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I'm heading out tonight to the tropical lands of Wisconsin for the next few days to celebrate this lovely lady's bridal shower!

Love you Gretchy Poo, and I can't wait to see everybody!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Spidery Tunic

I have a finished object (FO) to show off! This is the Spidery tank, from this summer’s Interweave. Mine is really more of a tunic, as it is really long on my shortie self. This was a real quick knit, and I really like how it turned out. While knitting it I had my doubts, as the lace pattern looks a little wonky all clumped together, but I think it looks really nice on.

Mine is pretty loosey goosey, and let me tell you, after wearing it all day yesterday, it has S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D considerably. I used Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, which is a yarn I’ve never used. Anybody have any tips of how to get this back into shape/shrink a little bit? I’m a little leary because this yarn is 70% wool and 30% cotton.

Even Boyfriend approves, and Mister Hipster can be a hard one to please, and does not hold back…and I quote “it looks like something you would buy in a store." Success!

On to more summer knitting!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Over the weekend Boyfriend and I had to pay another visit to the Century City mall food court. An odd “must-go” choice perhaps, but Take a Bao is great! We came across Take A Bao a few weeks ago when we were craving some fast food bao’s in the style we had over the holidays at Chicago’s Wow Bao.

What’s a bao you ask? (I didn’t know until a few months ago, so you may wonder as well…) Wikipedia says “A baozi or simply known as bao, bau, nunu, pow is a type of steamed, filled bun or bread-like (i.e. made with yeast) item in various Chinese cuisines, as there is much variation as to the fillings and the preparations. In its bun-like aspect it is very similar to the traditional Chinese mantou. It can be filled with meat and/or vegetarian fillings. It can be eaten at any meal in Chinese culture, and is often eaten for breakfast.”

Take a Bao has a fun approach of flattening out the bao dough and making them into a sandwich form with extra tasty veggies...and two baos come with a yummy salad. Definitely a great fast food choice, and a good way to fill up before a day of shopping and taking in a matinee (we saw Pixar’s Up!, which was great!).

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