Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Trip Home

I had such a nice trip home in Wisconsin. I got to take in all the irises in my parent’s new (ish) yard…

We scooted on down to Madison, to see Mister Miles, who will make a great dinosaur someday I think (if he decides he can keep this on his head long enough to get it buttoned!):

And went to the bridal shower for my lovely friend Gretchen – who is now the owner of the afghan I made back in the winter, when I could stand to have that much wool on my lap.

Seeing my family and catching up with friends was much needed. The weekend flew by, but I had a great time. There’s a lot of friend visits/more trips to look forward to this summer!

(and really, where else will you find a bar table that is a cribbage board?? I won, by the way. :))


woolanthropy said...

Sounds like a good trip home. Fab blanket and sweet gift. Your parents irises are beautiful.

Allie said...

ooooo my gosh. did you make that dino head! i want one for halloween!!!!

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