Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Eats

Warmer temps are calling for some yummy summer eats! I tried my hand at Martha's Blender Gazpacho last night, accompanied with smoked turkey, avocado and cherry tomato chutney paninis.

I'll be visiting this gazpacho recipe quite a few times this summer. Yum!

(also, I realize that my parents are probably having a chuckle over this, as once upon a time, I would only eat mac-n-cheese, and the idea of cold tomato soup or a chutney is probably something I would have stayed far away from. Luckily I have gotten over most of my picky ways....I'll still pass on the broccoli though!)


Dennis said...

I want this recipe!! YM

Allie said...

Looks delicious! Wanna cook me dinner when I come visit, Mom?

kisses, AP

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