Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rusty Red Root

A little bit of blog silence, but I’m back with a finished object! I’ve been knitting like a mad woman for no particular reason, and finished up the Rusted Root pattern.

(ignore the gross picture - just admire the sweater)

I am really happy with how this turned out, and it is super wearable. I made this from Rowan Calmer, which I had to frog from sweater parts I made years ago. I still have quite a bit left over, so I see a few red accessories in my future!

We happened upon a new little place down the street on Fairfax, called The Golden State. The burgers are YUM. All ingredients are local, featuring some locally brewed beers, and Scoops ice cream. If you’re in the Farmer’s Market area, I recommend walking on down.

I’m on to the Whisper cardigan…I scored some Malabrigo Lace on sale. It’s in a color I would have never picked out, but I’m hoping it will make for a very airy, Spring-like cardigan.


Ellen Bloom said...

Rusted Root is darling! Looks great on you too. You really did knit that one up quickly!

I just heard about Golden State the other day. Must try it!

woolanthropy said...

You rocked that root sweater! It looks great. I think the whisper cardigan will look very pretty in that malabrigo. I love checking out new restaurants! Will have to check out Golden State pronto!

Anonymous said...

Wow you are speedy! I think it took me a month to make that. Well done you!

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