Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is it late or early?

Last Wednesday started my first week on call for my job, and overall it was pretty quiet, right up until the end. I'm writing at 3:00 am to stay awake while I hang out on an emergency conference call, which I've been on for the past SIX HOURS. AHH! The reason I haven't gone too crazy leading up until this moment is because yesterday I revisited my crochet books and hooks, and today while I waited for whenI was needed on this call I crocheted a little yellow basket. I will have picture proof tomorrow! While it's nothing fancy, I'm pretty pleased, and I love how fast it goes...unlike this phone call.


Ellen Bloom said...

Very smart, Sarah, to have your crochet hooks and yarn handy for long, boring conference calls! I've never heard of a call lasting 6 hours!!!

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