Thursday, April 30, 2009


I know some knitters have issues with double pointed needles, but usually, I’m not one of them. Occasionally, I’ll have an ugly gap where you can tell the round was being joined, but it’s never that bad. I have been working on the Whisper Cardigan this week with the Malabrigo lace, which starts at the sleeve, and can be done on a 12” circular or double points. I didn’t have the circulars, so I chose to start with the double points. I’ve been knitting casually on this all week, and have noticed some loosey goosey stitches, and then some really tight stitches where I’ve tried to make up for the loosey goosey-ness. Since it’s never been that bad/noticeable in the past, I just kept on going. I finished the first sleeve and held it out to look at the full picture.

(I'm a little embarassed to show this)

Not good. Really, I knew this all along, but was just in denial and only wanted to move forward rather than go back. I’m not much of a perfectionist, and usually have mistakes in my knitting, but this is really bad. Looks like I’ll be ripping out and getting myself some size 7, 12” circulars….


Ellen Bloom said...

Yeah, I don't think blocking will help that sleeve. Better to start over. You wouldn't want to walk around wearing this sweater, hiding that shoulder all the time, would you?
The yarn is beautiful and definitely warrants a re-do. Good luck.

Dennis said...

You're right S, this is pretty bad.... oh well, live and learn. YM

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