Monday, March 22, 2010


This year I’ve started a new job at a local medical center. Soon after starting, I quickly learned about a volunteer opportunity that was right up my alley. The hospital’s volunteer department has a group of knitters that meet once a week and knits blankets for the Palliative Care patients.

While my busy schedule during the work day has prevented me from meeting with them every week, I’ve still been able to help out. I’m slowly working on knitting my own blanket, but I keep getting blankets thrown at me that need the finishing touches – a crocheted border, and the red hearts. This is a nice project for me to work on when I just need some mindless knitting, but I still like to keep my own projects going! I’m happy to share my skill and help out for a good


woolanthropy said...

That is a great blanket and someone is going to love it.

Good job all the way around.

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