Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Something Pink

It's about time I showed you what I worked on throughout the month of January. I've been waiting to capture the perfect picture, but it just wasn't happening. These will just have to do.

This is the Something Red cardigan by Wendy Bernard. There are things I liked about this and things I didn't. Anybody who was with me while I was knitting this knew that I was not having that much fun knitting row after row of stockinette. B-o-r-i-n-g. Despite the uneventful pattern, I like the classic style of the simple cardigan. I made it out of a cotton, which is soft and light enough for LA. I don't love the way my ribbed edge keeps flaring out (see that in the pic above??), and I think it's a little wide so adds some extra bulk on me. Overall though, I think this can easily be worked into my wardrobe, and I'm REALLY glad it's done.

I've moved on to a much more interesting knit.


Ellen Bloom said...

I know you had issues while knitting this sweater, Sarah...but, it DID turn out beautifully!

Maybe a bit more steaming will cure that curling buttonband!

woolanthropy said...

You have been super crafty around these parts. The poms and pillows...love the work.

The sweater is really cute and will be great to wear for spring.

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