Sunday, January 10, 2010


Over the holidays I knit up the Braided scarf. I've never seen or thought to use an i-cord to make a braid before. This project was fast, and really fun to knit.

I left mine behind with my mom (lucky her!), as it's pretty thick and chunky, and a little too cozy for winter in LA.

Another quick project I whipped up for the holidays, was a crocheted gift bag to hold the cork elves I made. A fun alternative to wrapping paper!


Ellen Bloom said...

The scarf turned out great!

I really like the idea of the little crocheted Gift Bag. I may make up a few of these with leftover yarn all thru the year. Then, I'll have wrapping alternatives for next Christmas!

Thanks for the idea, Sarah!

Anne Betts said...

ummm this gift bag idea is super cute!!! don't be mad, sherry gave me the link to your blog and i have been reading it for 2 days at work. i think i forgot how to knit and i am kind of upset about it now that i see your blog.

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