Monday, August 31, 2009


The crazy busy summer continues. This past weekend my friend Athena was in town. We braved the heat and hit all the hotspots.

The highlight of the weekend, was my friend's birthday extravaganza. He has been planning this event for months. A group of 40 of us dressed totally rad in 80s attire and hopped on a bus headed to Medieval Times.

(chicken as big as your head! No utensils anywhere!)

Although our red-and-yellow-striped knight lost the battle,

we all had a blast. Once the bus brought us back,

we finished up the night with karaoke in Korean town. It was an interesting mix of things, but a winning combo!

I'm taking the red-eye outta here on Wednesday; heading back to Wisconsin for Gretchen's wedding!


woolanthropy said...

Looks like a wild weekend.

Ellen Bloom said...

Whoa! You really know how to PAR-TAY!

Have a great time at the wedding.

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