Monday, August 3, 2009


Hello Friends! I warned that July would be a crazy one, and I was right. It FLEW by. I just finished up the month with two more visitors, and first-timers to La-La-land, Erin and Emily.

Thanks for coming, girlies! We did a lot of the same stuff I took Nicole and Gretchen to a few weeks back so they could also see the sights. Emily was here for a week longer, so I got to do a few new things as well, like pay our respects to the celebs resting at the Pierce Bros. Memorial Park,

eating the cookie/ice cream sandwiches at Diddy Riese (I chose mint chocolate chip ice cream in between chocolate chip cookies – who would believe they sell them for only $1.50?),

visited the Venice Canals,

and thanks to Ellen, we visited the FABULOUS Garden of Oz (no pics allowed – sorry!).

I plan to rest up and get back to my knitting this week. It has been too long…


Kelli B said...

Would you believe that just a few years ago they were only $1? Inflation is a B!

Allie said...

That ice cream sandwich looks amazing!! I want that my next visit. Its already on the itinerary.

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