Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Crocheted Necklace

I crocheted this necklace a few weeks ago, but just got around to taking some pics. Halfway through knitting my sweater vest, I needed a little break, and this necklace totally fit the bill.

The magazine version includes beads, and was done in white for a bridal feel, but I like it even more in bright color without the beads. I think the pattern holds strong on it's own.

This was my first time working with crochet thread and a teeny tiny hook, but I didn't find it too difficult. I moved a little slower than usual, and had to really concentrate on the pattern/chart. Totally worth the heavy concentration - I absolutely love it.

(my parents made me this fantastic holder - thrift store frame + radiator grate from the hardware store, spray painted silver + s-hooks - works perfectly!)


Ellen Bloom said...

love the crocheted necklace. It's a great color too.

Now that I look at the necklace with your other jewelry, I think this piece could be worn beautifully as a TIARA too!!! Oh, the possibilities of crochet!

Kristin said...

LOVE this!! :)

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