Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tomato Tracking

Always living in apartments mean there's not a ton of room for a veggie garden, which I would love to have. This spring, I'm starting out with a single tomato plant.

I'm not yet convinced my deck will get enough sunlight to keep this growing, but I figured I'd snap some pics of it so I can compare later on. Maybe it will be huge and this will be a sweet baby pic we can oo and ah over later, or perhaps it will fail and we can all sigh woefully over what it once was.

When I lived in Madison, my work had a farm on site, and had 10x10 garden plots for the employees. I had a fairly successful garden that summer, thanks to my dad's help, and had more cucumbers and tomatoes I could use.

If my tomato plant does succeed, I may take a note from Sunset magazine, and work on a one pot garden, which would be totally workable in my small space.

How does your garden grow?


woolanthropy said...

My plants are enjoying the rain. Unfortunately so are the weeds.

Kristin said...

I can't wait to get my flowers/plants going! I need to make a trip up to Madison for the Farmer's Market to get my goods :)

Allie said...

you should get a topsy turvy!

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