Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Knitting 101

This past weekend I had my friends Anne and Sherry over for a knitting 101 party. After a quick brush-up, they were off.

*serious knitters in action*

My favorite knitting basics books are the Stitch 'N Bitch series. While most knitting steps are like breathing to me, I am always pulling out my Happy Hooker book to brush up on my crochet skills. The steps are easy to follow, accompanied by great pictures, with witty comments worked in.

What are your favorite "how-to" books?


Ellen Bloom said...

I love it that you are promoting our "religion" to your girlfriends!!!

I agree...the SnB books have great tutorials and descriptions, along with patterns. My other fave is Sally Melville's "KNIT" book. I find myself referring to it all the time.

Anne Betts said...

YES!!! I AM SO FAMOUS!!! the knitting party was so fun! we have to have another one though because i never saw the happy hooker book!! thank again for teaching us ms sarah.

Jrue Holiday said...

OMG - i ran back after falcon because anne told me we made a guest appearance on your blog! now i can go to sleep happy or maybe i can't because i'm so excited!

when is our next knitting party? i made more progress on my pink scarf! thanks so much for teaching us :)

woolanthropy said...

Love making converts!

Fave book...hmmmm. As a reference I love Knitspeak. I use it all the time to look up stuff.

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