Monday, December 21, 2009

Caramel Pretzel Turtles

Over the weekend Boyfriend and I had dinner at my Aunt's house. As a holiday treat to bring along, I made these Caramel Pretzel Turtles:

I flattened out caramels with a rolling pin

wrapped them around pretzel nuggets (these steps were improvised a little bit. I couldn't find regular caramels, so I used caramel cremes...these worked, but the cream part flaked a little bit in the wrapping process, and pretzel nuggets/round were not available either, so I chopped up pretzel rods).

The caramel wrapped pretzels were dipped in chocolate, and rolled around in finely chopped almonds.

* They don't look particularly appetizing like this....*

Finally, I wrapped them up in individual cellophane bags - ta-da!


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