Friday, September 25, 2009

Back To It

Wasn't this blog supposed to be about knitting? Well, I'm back to it. After such a busy summer it's nice to get back to my long list of projects I've been wanting to make.

Last night I whipped up this fun little project, which I loooove! It's a shower loofah. I'm still getting the hang of crochet, but this project was easy enough for me to work through in a night. I haven't tested it out yet, but I like the idea that I could easily throw it in the laundry to use for as long as it will hold up, rather than having to constantly replace the store-bought kind.

I am dreaming about fall and knitting cozy winter-y things, but unfortunately the upper 90 degree temps are not exactly compatible. I'm crossing my fingers that things will cool down soon!


Ellen Bloom said...

Lovin' the loofah! Looks perfect paired with Mr. Ducky!

woolanthropy said...

Oh, the crocheted loofah. That's awesome. I want to make one. Did you get the pattern on Ravelry? I hope so.

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