Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Interwebs Enchanted Evening Prom

Thanks, Natalie, for hosting Prom! Check Natalie's blog to find more attendees.

(waiting for my date to arrive - late like always! Check out my sweet ride in the background! We did not take that beauty to Prom)

(A stop at Lutz Park on the Fox River, Appleton, Wisconsin)

My senior prom wasn’t that long ago, but it was still fun digging up the pictures. I got my dress at the end of the summer beforehand for a great deal, so I was extremely prepared! My mom called it the Sleeping Beauty dress, because it reminded her of when all the fairies try to dress Princess Aurora and use their wands to change her dress color, and when they all collide the dress becomes splashes of all three. It was definitely a princess dress!

(princesses like to mini-golf too)

Our Prom was supposed to be in May, but there was a mistake in the scheduling with the hall it was at, so we ended up having to bump our prom to mid-April. In Wisconsin, this is risky, because mid-April most likely means still cold, and still snow on the ground. Luckily for us that year we got lucky, and it warmed up and melted the snow away just in time. It was really windy (hairspray please!) and we didn’t quite get pretty May flowers as a pretty backdrop, but at least we weren’t freezing our buns off.

My birthday is March 13th, so a nice day to be asked to an April prom. Boyfriend (yep, Boyfriend was around then too!) is always good at thinking these sorts of things out, and making them special. Sometime after lunch I had to stop by my locker in between classes. One of Boyfriend’s friends a few lockers down was giving me a goofy grin and was very interested in me opening my locker, which tipped me off right away. When I opened up my locker, there were tons of curly pink streamers filling it up and bouncing out at me. Set carefully inside was a bouquet of pretty birthday flowers. Set in the bouquet was a little pink flower made of tissue paper with a note directing me to pull out the green paper center. The note said “will you go to Prom with me?” Although it has since faded, I still have that flower tucked away somewhere.

(Gretchen, me, and Allie having fun at the prom)

Our Prom was held at the Paper Valley Hotel in downtown Appleton. The infamous (in Northeastern Wisconsin) cover band Vic Ferrari provided the music. We started in the late afternoon with pictures at a park on the Fox River, followed by a game of miniature golf, and then it was off to dinner. We danced the night away, and after the prom was all over, a group of us headed out to High Cliff State Park and camped out. Overall a very fun prom!

I had a lot of fun with this post. Now that my scanner works, I'll have to dig up some more fun!


woolanthropy said...

Really, you haven't changed a bit! Princess Aurora, indeed. The dress is fabulous. Love the color. What a day too - miniature golf to camping. It is a very sweet story about how he asked you to the prom. I love that you still have the little flower.

Ellen Bloom said...

Pretty girl!!! Handsome guy! Great pictures, Princess Sarah! Boyfriend is so thoughtful and romantic.

Hey! Where are those cool tikis you are standing in front of?

Sarah said...

The tikis were at the mini golf course that we went to before the dance. :)

j.kaori said...

You definitely looked like a princess! Thank you for sharing your story --- fun to read!

Dennis said...

S - this makes me want to dig out my prom pics when I went with your Dad in 1974! Wonder where they are..... Grandma made my dress, it was very, very "hippie mother nature." I still have it! YM

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