Wednesday, March 25, 2009

First Birthday

Today is my darling little nephew’s first birthday. He has been the recipient of several knitted things already, so for his birthday I opted for something different.

I can get lost in for hours. When searching for baby items, I came across these oh-so-cute growth charts from Owlpeople. She made it up and sent it out the weekend after I ordered it. It says his name, and I was able to pick the fabric I wanted. There are extra pouches for pictures or other items. I think it turned out great! Etsy is such an awesome way to connect the crafty community. I am always amazed by all the creativity out there.

My nephew Miles is the cutest nephew ever. :) He is a walking machine, and loves to be smiley and silly. Happy birthday little man!

(at 7ish months)

I leave you with an unrelated, must-see video:


woolanthropy said...

What a cutie!

Nice gifties too.

Ellen Bloom said...

Miles is going to have all the little girls after him...he's adorable!
Love the growth-chart...very clever.

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