Thursday, February 26, 2009


I have been knitting but don’t seem to have a lot to show for myself. The pile of grey brown sheep you saw is still sitting a-waiting buttons and blocking, so I don’t want to show you something that’s only at 90 percent! The other recent finished object is secret and cannot be shown at this time.

While I was struggling with a bit of what-to-start-next-itis, boyfriend chimed in with a ‘me-me-me, make something for me!’, so that’s what’s happening next. Back in October/November I tried to tackle a hooded scarf for him with some black cascade I had. Winging this on my own was not very successful, and I eventually ended up with this one instead. Boyfriend wants a hat with a bit of extra slouch in the back, and I’m hoping this one will do the trick. Ripping out aforementioned scarf to get the yarn back took a good part of two evenings, but I am now ready knock this one out. Hopefully the yarn isn’t jinxed and this time around it works out!

Tonight boyfriend and I are venturing over to Spaceland to see a show. This might mean a sleepy Friday morning for me!


woolanthropy said...

my hubby is always clamoring me me me. I find a quick hat is good way to get him quiet fast.

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