Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Crafting

Wow, it's about time we dust off the cobwebs around here and get back to it. Let's start off with a little holiday craft project I made while back in Wisconsin.

I saw these little crystal snowflakes on Martha Stewart and wanted to give it a try. They're so easy! My mom had sparkly pipe cleaners and borax stored away, so away we went.

First you make your shape out of the pipe cleaner, and hang it on a wire. Meanwhile, add your borax solution to hot hot hot water, and stir to dissolve in a jar.

Place the pipe cleaner shape into the jar and wait...

and wait...

and ta-da!

Crystal snowflake! You can make whatever you want of course, and use different color pipe cleaners, change the amount of time you leave the ornament in the solution for, or add food coloring. Mom was working on hearts for Valentine's day before I left. How cool!


Ellen Bloom said...

Whoa! The mystery of science!!! Very cool!

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